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Facebook Reflections on Jesus 2.0- June 7, 2015 to present

Sometimes I talk about Jesus on Facebook. This is the second installment of my Facebook reflections on Jesus. To see the first installment, click this link: My Facebook Reflections on Jesus: September 2010 to the Present (May 15, 2015) The following is everything … Continue reading

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The Dangerous Death Throes of the Empire of White Hegemony

Photo: Screenshot from CNN Apparently a large portion of the United States wants to elect a modern day Caligula to be President of the United States. This is what happens when the empire of white hegemony in the U.S. is … Continue reading

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The Unacceptable Consequences of an Anti-Clinton Protest Vote in the General Election

I have always voted for the person I think is the best person to vote for on the ballot that is handed to me. This primary season, for me that is clearly Bernie Sanders, and I will continue to support … Continue reading

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