Speaking Endorsements


People are Saying:

“I have been the director for 30 years of a local nonprofit organization doing social justice and environmental education and advocacy in Oklahoma City. Thus, I have seen and known many teachers, speakers and lecturers. I have known Mark Davies some 20 years, as a teacher, public speaker, and an ally in missions for the betterment of the human condition. He is an intelligent, articulate and engaging speaker, well educated and widely read on the subjects of his professional life:  He is an ordained minister who presents an open-minded and compassionate approach to religion. He is a very well-informed advocate of environmental sustainability, who has inspired hundreds of students in this regard, and led road-trips with students to visit, for example, Greensburg, KS, considered by many ‘the greenest town in America.’  Davies consistently reflects the high principles and integrity of a citizen who hopes for, and works for, the very best future for humanity and all species we share the planet with.” – Nathaniel “Batch” Batchelder


“In the fall of 2016, the Pioneer Library System presented Making Peace: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, a program series funded by the Oklahoma Humanities Council that looked at the topic of peace from three perspectives. In Part 2, Current Barriers to Peace, Mark Davies discussed social and environmental factors that make sustaining peace difficult today. His presentation was thoughtful, well researched and delivered with authority and passion, generating great audience interest and lively discussion.” – Anne Masters

“I know firsthand of the leadership Mark Davies has taken in advocacy for a just and environmentally sustainable world. His compelling presentation in a variety of settings reflects a command of his material that is scientifically and theologically grounded.” – Jim Gragg, United Methodist Minister, Retired