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Listening to Our Climate Scientists

If a person ate fast food and drank sugary drinks every day and 99 out of 100 cardiologists told this person that this diet was contributing to this person’s heart disease, and if that person chose to listen to the … Continue reading

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The Cliff of Climate Chaos

Yes, both going full speed straight ahead off a cliff and not slowing down enough or turning enough to keep from going off a cliff eventually will end up with the same result of driving off a cliff, but if … Continue reading

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Dear Oklahoma and Midwest States Experiencing Extreme Flooding

Dear Oklahoma and Midwest states experiencing extreme flooding, As we mourn the deaths of those lost in the floods, as we lament the loss of so many homes to the floodwaters, as we witness billions of dollars of crops rotting … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Leaders of United Methodist Institutions of Higher Education

Photo: Duke Chapel, the ecumenical chapel at United Methodist related Duke University, allows same sex/same gender weddings.   Dear Leaders of United Methodist Schools, Colleges, and Universities: The decision of the 2019 General Conference of the United Methodist Church to … Continue reading

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Writing the Turning Point in Our Climate Crisis Story

The peripeteia, or turning point, of a story is sometimes difficult to ascertain the first time one is reading it. It is often only in looking back on the story in its entirety that we see the turning point that … Continue reading

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Climate Eucatastrophe

In J. R. R. Tolkien’s works, the eucatastrophic moment only comes when good and compassionate persons realize that they must be willing to bring their full and whole lives (even to the point of being willing to sacrifice their lives) … Continue reading

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