One World House is inspired by the vision of Martin Luther King, Jr. who believed that we all live in a great world house and that all people from various countries, backgrounds,  and traditions must find ways to live in peace with one another. The World House vision for the 21st Century focuses on creating peace, promoting social justice for ALL persons, and fostering sustainability in the effort to care for our planet for the sake of all life.

To support the work of One World House, please Give a contribution today.


  1. Thank you for following my blog, Mark. I agree with your views on the importance of social justice and your condemnation of torture. I was a very active member of Amnesty International in my twenties. I am wondering which topics/ views in my blog are of interest to you.

  2. Veronique, Thanks for the comment. I am interested in your posts on sustainability and the very practical ideas and actions that you are sharing. Thanks for what you are doing!

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