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Ministry and Politics

In our official work within churches, we who are ministers must be non-partisan in our political rhetoric and engagement to protect the non-profit status of our churches and respect the agreement within our religious communities that our churches will be … Continue reading

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Becoming Great

Ford Madox Brown. Sketch for ‘Jesus Washing Peter’s Feet’. c.1851 My Dear American Christian Siblings, This is what Mark’s Jesus said about becoming great: “But that’s not the way it will be with you. Whoever wants to be great among … Continue reading

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A Forest of Desire

In 1976, when I was nine years old, my maternal grandparents moved to Port Angeles, Washington from Madison, Wisconsin to retire. They lived there for 23 years, and I visited 25 times. I love everything about the Olympic National Park … Continue reading

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Persons of Sacred Worth

As we prepare for the 2019 Special Session of the General Conference of the United Methodist Church where we will decide whether we as a church will fully include persons who are LGBTQ in the life and leadership of our … Continue reading

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Who Wouldn’t Want Ranked Choice Voting?

Think about how many political candidates get elected to office with a majority of voters opposing their election owing to votes being split among other candidates because we do not have Ranked Choice Voting. Think of all the people outside of … Continue reading

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The Violence of Tradition

Persons who argue for and practice the exclusion of persons who are LGBTQ+ from full participation in the life of the church based on the ‘traditional’ teachings of the church would do well to recall that most of the history … Continue reading

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Turning Over the Tables of ‘American Christianity’

The reason American Christianity does not stand against the actions of our current president is because American Christianity is not Christianity properly understood as the way of Jesus. It puts a warped view of ‘American’ before Christianity. Christians who live … Continue reading

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