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An Open Letter to Leaders of United Methodist Institutions of Higher Education

Photo: Duke Chapel, the ecumenical chapel at United Methodist related Duke University, allows same sex/same gender weddings.   Dear Leaders of United Methodist Schools, Colleges, and Universities: The decision of the 2019 General Conference of the United Methodist Church to … Continue reading

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Doing Harm in the United Methodist Church

Anytime I hear traditionalists say that everyone in the United Methodist Church is being harmed by our divisions over the acceptance and affirmation of persons who are LGBTQIA+, I have to ask: How many United Methodists have been bullied for … Continue reading

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Clinging to Centrism: Broad Center Bell Curves, Incompatibilism, and Compatibilism

Image from Adam Hamilton’s “An Update on the Denomination,” March 29, 2019 The language of “centrist” United Methodists like Adam Hamilton that focuses on whether we are “incompatibilists” or “compatibilists,” in addition to being a nightmare to type with autocorrect … Continue reading

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Imagine if a person were being investigated for possible crimes, and he had the power to pardon all of his associates who were being investigated with him. Imagine if this same person being investigated could make public statements and write … Continue reading

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Never Give In

The Mueller Report Process (I say process since we really know almost nothing about the actual report), confirms that the current president was surrounded by and assisted by a number of criminals in his 2016 Campaign. It apparently also confirms … Continue reading

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Fossil Fueled Fascism

There are at least four things about which our current president is quite consistent: 1. He is anti-immigrant and anti-refugee in relation to non-white immigrants. 2. He is anti-Islam, except in the case of Saudi Arabia and its allies. 3. … Continue reading

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Clinging to Purity

Religions become divisive and dangerous when they focus on purity more than justice. The codes and standards of purity are more often than not simply the cultural norms of a particular time and place, whereas the call for justice for … Continue reading

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