Be Like George

We have a six month old golden doodle puppy named George. He is addicted to chasing the red light of a laser pointer we have. Let’s just say that it is so bad that when we misplace the laser pointer or the batteries die, finding the pointer or getting new batteries becomes priority number one in our household. When he wants the pointer and there is no pointer, it is a pretty pathetic situation (yes I get that the dog has trained us – don’t judge).

At any rate, the pointer does come in handy when we want to distract George, get him to go outside, wear him out with some good running, or get him to go where we want him to go.

Last night as he was chasing the red light around and around the backyard and through the house, it dawned on me that the American people are a lot like George and our president’s tweets are a lot like a laser pointer distracting us, running us around and wearing us out, and getting us to go where he wants us to go.

Funny thing about our puppy George though; as he is growing up he has figured out that sometimes we use the laser pointer to get him to go places he doesn’t necessarily want to go, like outside or behind his dog gate when we need a break. When George sees the red light going someplace he does not want to go, he quits following it, and he looks up at us with that “are you kidding me” look, and we have to be more creative in getting him to go where we want him to go.

Perhaps we the American people across the political spectrum can learn something from George. Sometimes people try to get us to go places we don’t want to go, and as we grow up we don’t have to follow the little red light of the president’s tweets taking us places where we neither want to go nor should be going.

Perhaps we should try not following the red light of his tweets altogether. I mean let’s get outside and take some walks, throw a tennis ball, or play some frisbee. We can do this America. Be like George (except please don’t eat socks). Stop going where this man wants to take us.

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