Dear Oklahoma and Midwest States Experiencing Extreme Flooding


Dear Oklahoma and Midwest states experiencing extreme flooding,

As we mourn the deaths of those lost in the floods, as we lament the loss of so many homes to the floodwaters, as we witness billions of dollars of crops rotting in the fields, as we assess the damage to stored grain now under water, as we count the numbers of livestock that have drowned, and as we as a nation witness the most rainfall ever experienced in a 12 month period since record keeping began in 1895; it is important to be aware of the following:

  • With each degree Celsius increase in global average temperature, the atmosphere holds 7% more water vapor.
  • This increase of water vapor in the atmosphere leads to more extreme precipitation and flooding events.
  • We are currently experiencing average global temperatures that are nearly one degree Celsius over the pre-industrial global temperature averages.
  • We are changing the water cycle of the planet, and that is not a good thing.
  • We don’t want to see what an increase of 1.5 degrees and beyond in global average temperature looks like.

Wake up to the reality of what we are doing to our planet. Wake up to the reality of what we are doing to ourselves.

The fossil fuel industry has been lying to us about the climate crisis for decades. It will not get better unless we commit our lives to saving our only home.

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