Interfaith Day of Service to the Community, 2013

Interfaith Day of Service to the Community, 2013


Martin Luther King, Jr.’s world house vision had interfaith cooperation at its core. In his words ““We have inherited a large house, a great “world house” in which we have to live together—black and white, Easterner and Westerner, Gentile and Jew, Catholic and Protestant, Moslem and Hindu—a family unduly separated in ideas, culture and interest, who, because we can never again live apart, must learn somehow to live with each other in peace” – (Martin Luther King, Jr., from his “World House” essay, 1967).

On August 17, 2013 in Midwest City, OK, there will be a significant event for the interfaith community to express cooperation through service. The event is being co-sponsored by the Interfaith Alliance of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Conference of Churches Religions United Committee, and the Commission for Interfaith Dialogue. The Day of Service will bring together people from 10 different faith traditions for a day of mission.

For more information about the event and how you can be involved in this historic day of interfaith cooperation in central Oklahoma, please visit the link provided.

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