The Unsustainable City – Maymester 2015


Maymester Class at Oklahoma City University – Full tuition scholarships available for the first 15 Oklahoma City University students to enroll 

PHIL 3763 Topics in Ethics: The Unsustainable City
SOC 4603 Special Topics: The Unsustainable City
INDP 3963 The Unsustainable City

May 11 – June 1         Monday-Thursday 2-5:20pm

Taught by Professors Joe Meinhart and Mark Davies

Are you interested in learning more about issues of social justice  and ecological sustainability, and how they will affect your future?

This may be the course for you!

Using Oklahoma City as our laboratory, in settings ranging from classroom to boardroom to neighborhood, we will explore possible cultural, economic, political, and personal responses to these challenges through research, discussion and reflection, and civic engagement. We will also have an optional trip without cost for students to visit Greensburg, Kansas to see that town’s successes and challenges in building more LEED Platinum buildings per capita than anywhere else in the world.

Contact Dr. Joe Meinhart, at for more information

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