An Open Letter to the Fraternal Order of Police


Dear Members of the Fraternal Order of Police,

I respect that you use democratic processes within your union to select which candidate you choose to endorse for the Presidency of the United States. I disagreed with your decision to endorse Donald Trump for a number of reasons -including his approval of profiling practices, his approval of registering Muslims, his call to ban Muslims from the country, and his call to engage in unspecified surveillance of Muslim Americans – all of which violate the constitutional principles of the free exercise of religion and equal protection of all citizens under the law. Given Mr. Trump’s rhetoric, I also have deep concerns about how Mr. Trump would treat Latinos within the United States. These reasons should have been enough for the Fraternal Order of Police, whose members are called to protect and serve all Americans equally, not to endorse Mr. Trump.

As of yesterday, there is another and urgently pressing reason for the FOP to rescind its endorsement of Donald Trump for the Presidency of the United States of America. We now have audio evidence of Donald Trump bragging about his sexual assault of women and claiming that he can do anything to women because he is a star. I will not go into the details of his lewd and demeaning remarks as it is now a matter of public record. Your organization is now in the position of endorsing a candidate from which you are called to protect all women. The acts he described that he did to women constitute sexual assault, which is a crime, and it is your duty to protect the citizens of this country from criminals.

For the sake of respect to all women and all persons whom you swear to protect and serve, I call on your Order to make the respectable and responsible decision to denounce Mr. Trump’s remarks and actions and rescind your endorsement of him to be our next president. Your motto is “law is a safeguard of freedom.” Out of respect for the law, our safety, and our freedom; the public that you serve deserves that you take this action immediately.


  1. I find it extremely appalling that the Fraternal Order of Police would endorse a candidate who openly admits and makes light of sexual assault, feeling he has the right to do so. His views regarding minorities and superiority to them also disturb me. In endorsing this candidate, it tells me that this organization and it’s members share the same views and embrace them. I am extremely disappointed in this organization and feel it if forever tarnished by this association. It tells me that women and minorities will never be viewed as having the same rights as men and any crimes against them will not be viewed with any objectivity. This is extremely sad.

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