Benefit of the Doubt?


I have heard people who voted for Trump and some people who did not vote for Trump say that we should give him the benefit of the doubt and take a wait and see approach to how he handles the presidency.

I might have given Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt

before he discriminated against African American renters,

before he defrauded students in his fake university,

before he did not pay numerous contractors and made them and their families suffer,

before he spread racist birther lies about our president,

before he lied relentlessly during the campaign,

before he called women fat pigs and Miss Piggy and said you have to treat women like shit,

before he bragged about sexual assault and grabbing women by the genitals,

before he referred to Mexican immigrants as murderers and rapists,

before he said he wants to bring back waterboarding and much much worse,

before he brought the dog whistle phrase “law and order” back into our politics,

before he said he wanted to deport 11 million people including children,

before he said he planned to register Muslims and ban Muslims from entering the United States,

before he said he would consider marriage equality decisions going back to the states,

before he made up stories about thousands of Muslims in New Jersey openly celebrating the Twin Towers falling,

before he mocked a reporter with a physical disability,

before he told a made up story about General Pershing executing Muslims with bullets dipped in pig’s blood,

before he insulted a Gold Star mother and father,

before he insulted a Vietnam POW,

before he threatened to jail his political opponent,

before he intimidated members of the press,

before he said Vladimir Putin is a stronger leader than our president,

before he said an African American protester at one of his rallies deserved to be roughed up,

before he said you have go after and kill the families of terrorists,

before he said he wanted to punch people in the face,

before he offered to pay the legal fees for people who beat up protesters,

before he hired a white nationalist to be his Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor in the White House,

before he selected a person deemed too racist to be confirmed as a federal judge to be his Attorney General,

before he appointed a person as Director of the CIA. who wants to bring back waterboarding,

before he assigned a climate science denier to be lead the transition process at the Environmental Protection Agency,

before he said would scrap the Paris Climate Agreement.

Yes, I might have given him the benefit of the doubt before he said and did all these things, but now I have no doubt that he simply must be resisted relentlessly as he attempts to implement the horrible things he said he would do. At this point, giving Trump the benefit of the doubt is simply giving him a head start down the road of injustice and harming the most vulnerable of our neighbors and the well being of our planet.


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