#DOSOMETHING! is the primal cry of a spoiled rich kid who has never been held accountable for any of his actions.

When Trump was eligible for the draft during the Vietnam War, he said DO SOMETHING, and he was given a diagnosis of bone spurs and received a fifth deferment from the draft after four deferments for being a student.

When Trump needed money as a young man, he asked his father to DO SOMETHING, and the loan money came flowing in.

When Trump and his father were in violation of the Fair Housing Act, he told his lawyers to DO SOMETHING, and they negotiated the signing of a consent decree with no admission of guilt. 

When Trump bankrupted his businesses, he said DO SOMETHING, and the loans from foreign banks came in to save him.

When contractors sued Trump because he did not pay them, he said DO SOMETHING, and his lawyers tied things up in court while contractors lost money and their livelihoods.

When Trump needed cash, he said DO SOMETHING, and Russian oligarchs purchased his properties at prices far above their actual value.

When students were defrauded by his fake university and sued for damages, Trump said DO SOMETHING, and his lawyers came to his rescue with a post election settlement.

When Trump was caught on tape bragging about sexual assault and when 16 women accused him of sexual harassment or assault, he said DO SOMETHING, and the GOP and white evangelical Christian leaders protected him and vouched for him.

When Trump wanted more info about the Clinton campaign and the DNC to be made public, he publicly told the Russians to DO SOMETHING, and Wikileaks released the DNC and Podesta emails.

When Trump wanted FBI Director Comey fired, he said DO SOMETHING, and Rosenstein wrote up a letter of justification.

Now Mueller is beginning to file charges in the Russia Investigation, and on the eve of indictments being made public, Trump cries out in a Twitter storm of desperation for people to DO SOMETHING! His propagandists are on the attack against Mueller. Will the GOP Congress come to the aid of this spoiled rich kid yet again and continue to enable his lifelong misdeeds? Given Trump’s life experience, he has no reason to believe they won’t. Someone has always done something for Trump when he says DO SOMETHING!

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