Bad Parents

Why did you put your child in such a dangerous situation?

Didn’t you know how dangerous it was to take your child through the desert?

Why didn’t you get permission to go into a new country before you took your child on such a long and dangerous journey?

Why were you such irresponsible parents putting your child in a situation like this?

You knew what the conditions were like in the desert when you decided to risk the life of your child with such a stupid choice.

You should have known there was a risk of being separated from your child.

You should have known that there was a risk that you and your child could have died of dehydration and exposure in the desert.

You can’t just expect a foreign country to take you and your family in.

If anything had happened to your child, you know it would have been your fault, you know that, right?

Maybe parents like you who put their child in a situation like this deserve to be separated from their children.

There should have been a wall to keep people like you out.

I’m feel really bad for children who have parents like you who would put them in a situation like this.

Maybe people like you don’t even deserve to have children.

How could you make such an irresponsible choice for you and your family?

Mary and Joseph: “Herod was trying to kill our son.”

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One comment

  1. “Blame The Victim”, an age old false justification for unjustified, illegal, potentially life threatening, cowardly, bogus misinterpretations of established, traditional processing of human beings’ seeking solace from repressive living conditions as was in the past and continues to be afforded to others i.e., Jewish, European, Asiatic Indians, Asians (Vietnamese, Hmungs, etc., etc.), Africans, Middle Easterners, Pacific Islanders, Native Australians, etc., tec., etc., etc., etc. !!!!!


    Enables Those Consumed By Misinformation To Sleep Comfortably.

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