How Low Will They Go?

How low will Republicans allow the current president to take them? Today, the President’s lawyer literally argued in a court of law that the President could murder someone on Fifth Avenue in New York City and would be immune to prosecution.

This alone is horrific, but when you combine this with the President’s over 12,000 demonstrable lies while in office, his use of foreign policy for personal political gain, his obstruction of justice on multiple fronts, his acceptance of emoluments, his betrayal of battlefield allies in Syria, his allowing at least 100 ISIS prisoners to escape and then lie about them being recaptured, his capitulation to nationalist tyrants, and his disdain for our traditional allies; what you have is the most dangerous and immoral presidency in the history of our Republic, and yet Republicans just keep going lower with him as if there is no bottom.

Perhaps there is no bottom. What a tragedy that would be for our country and the world!

Our country was strong enough in the 1970s to reject the horrific argument by Nixon that “if the President does something it cannot be against the law.” Will we be strong enough today to reject the same immoral argument coming from the current president? Will enough Republican senators once again put country and constitution over party as they did in response to Nixon?

When it comes down to it, will enough Republican senators vote to convict the current president when he is impeached for his many offenses and comes before the U.S. Senate for trial, or will they simply mildly rebuke his behavior on twitter and cling to power no matter the costs to the soul of our republic?

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About Mark Y. A. Davies

Mark Davies is the Wimberly Professor of Social and Ecological Ethics and Director of the World House Institute for Social and Ecological Responsibility at Oklahoma City University. He is the Executive Director of the Leadership, Education, and Development (LEaD) Hub North America of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church and an Oklahoma Humanities State Scholar. Mark has published in the areas of Boston personalism, process philosophy and ethics, and ecological ethics. Dr. Davies serves on the United Methodist University Senate, which is “an elected body of professionals in higher education created by the General Conference to determine which schools, colleges, universities, and theological schools meet the criteria for listing as institutions affiliated with The United Methodist Church.” He and his wife Kristin live in Edmond, OK in the United States, and they have two daughters. The views expressed by the author in this blog do not necessarily represent the views of Oklahoma City University or the United Methodist Church.
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1 Response to How Low Will They Go?

  1. Scripture tells us many stories of people who have no bottom to them. It is full of people who commit atrocities unthinkable to us. Humanity isn’t all that different than it was thousands of years ago. Our rulers aren’t much different either.

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