Your Presidency Might Not Be Going Too Well If…

Some signs that your presidency may not be going too well:

– You have to hide in the White House bunker out of fear of angry protestors.

– You have to use rubber bullets, tear gas, blunt force, police in riot gear with shields, and police on horseback to clear a path to be able to walk across the street from the White House.

– While you are speaking out against police brutality against persons of color, you literally use police brutality against persons of color to clear a street so that you can take a picture in front of a church with a bunch of white people.

– You have to build another fence around the original fence that had sufficed to protect the White House for all of your predecessors who lived there since it was rebuilt after the War of 1812.

– Religious leaders denounce you for using their churches and shrines as political props for your political gain and describe your actions as being antithetical to the values of their faith.

– You have given up trying to do anything to stop the most deadly pandemic in 100 years because you are utterly incapable of addressing it effectively beyond promoting the use of hydroxychloroquine, injecting disinfectants, and internal UV light treatments.

– Millions of protestors have decided that injustice is so horrible during your presidency that they are willing to risk being in large groups during the worst global pandemic in a century.

– The nuclear codes you think are at your disposal are not the actual codes out of an abundance of caution (wishful thinking on this one, but hope it is true).

– Your job performance and mental instability have led the majority of the country to know the 25th Amendment of the United States Constitution by heart.

– The words “American carnage” are trending as a description of your presidency.

– The picture of you holding a Bible looks something like a Vampire holding a bag of garlic right before sunrise.

– Your picture holding a Bible causes a photoshopped picture of Hitler holding a Bible to go viral.

– Washington, DC is beginning to look a lot like Tiananmen Square in 1989 rather than the capital of the United States of America.

One comment

  1. Trump ordered an assault on Americans peacefully exercising their 1st Amendment rights. Let’s be clear about why Trump pulled that vile stunt. This isn’t just his usual despicable brand of cultural division. Trump is purposefully cloaking himself in religion. His message is clear.

    He is cloaking himself with “the Divine Right of Kings.”

    And, he had AG Barr direct the clearing of the protestors. And the police were his storm troopers. We are watching a live demonstration of how “divine right” dogma was enacted so long ago.

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