Send Them Back to Herod

Imagine if the Roman authorities governing Egypt had found Mary, Joseph, and Jesus after they climbed a Roman wall to get into Egypt and that they almost died of thirst because the Romans had emptied containers of water left behind in the desert for persons fleeing King Herod…

Then imagine that after the Roman authorities found Mary, Joseph, and Jesus on the verge of death in the desert that they separated Jesus from his parents and detained him with other children whose families were lucky enough to escape King Herod’s massacre…

Imagine that some of these children would never see their parents again because of poor Roman record keeping, but after some number of months Jesus was finally reunited with his parents…

But then imagine that the Roman authorities governing Egypt had only reunited Mary, Joseph, and Jesus to deport them back to their home country even though Mary and Joseph pleaded with the authorities not to send them back because the child’s life would be in grave danger…

Imagine the Roman authorities ignoring the pleas of Mary and Joseph and sending them back to the region controlled by King Herod where Herod’s soldiers immediately arrested them and killed the young Jesus…

Imagine that “a voice was heard in Ramah, weeping and loud lamentation, [Mary] weeping for her [son]; she refused to be comforted, because [he] is no more.”

You have now imagined how Trump’s America would have treated Mary, Joseph, and Jesus had they fled to the United States to escape a murderous king – but at least we won the war on Christmas and feel good about saying Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays.

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