Deadly Rhetoric

Let me remind Oklahomans and anyone else in the United States who may be joining in the volatile rhetoric against the DOJ and the FBI that the Attorney General of the United States, Merrick Garland, prosecuted Timothy McVeigh for bombing the FBI at the Murray Building in Oklahoma City that killed 168 of our friends and loved ones, including 19 children. Merrick Garland was relentless and meticulous in his prosecution of McVeigh, insuring that justice would be done for those who lost their lives or the lives of their loved ones to the actions of a violent anti-government radical who saw himself at war with the DOJ and FBI and who viewed the death of children simply as collateral damage.

McVeigh was motivated by volatile rhetoric against the DOJ and the FBI following the events in Waco in relation to the cult leader David Koresh. The rhetorical attacks by Republican leadership against the DOJ following the lawful execution of a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago are dangerous and can very easily become deadly. We have already seen a failed violent attack on the FBI in Ohio this week by a person who also participated in the march on the Capitol on January 6th and who was motivated by the verbal attacks against the DOJ. His attack ended in his own death.

Republicans in general, but especially Republican leadership, must stop allowing Trump to control them and start acting in the interest of our republic. The Republican leadership must stop its volatile rhetoric against the law enforcement community, rhetoric that puts those who defend us all in harm’s way. We cannot allow Trump’s war on the law and on the well-being of our republic continue to lead to the collateral damage of lives lost. If anyone needs a reminder of where this can lead, come to the Oklahoma City National Memorial at night and take some time to see the light shining from 168 empty chairs that represent the lost lives of our loved ones.


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