The Case for Clinton


I have spent a great deal of time and effort giving warnings for why one should never vote for Donald Trump or do anything that would make it more likely for him to get elected, but the election is not only about avoiding the horror of a Trump presidency; it is also about having a president who will work for greater flourishing in our human and ecological communities.

Although I did not vote for Hillary Clinton in the democratic primaries, she is now the only viable (i.e. electable) candidate left in the presidential race who might keep open the window of opportunity we still have as a species to avoid a worst case scenario for people and the planet in the 21st Century.

Hillary Clinton is the only viable candidate left in the presidential race who will:

  • implement the Clean Power Plan and the Paris Climate Agreement
  • appoint Supreme Court justices who will support overturning Citizens United
  • support raising the minimum wage
  • not support torture
  • work to avoid privatization of public services
  • work to end systemic racism in our society
  • work for immigration reform instead of deporting 11 million people
  • work to keep marriage equality in every state
  • work for universal preschool education
  • work to re-establish the preclearance provision of the Voting Rights Act
  • work to end gender discrimination in education, employment, and health care
  • protect reproductive rights for women
  • work for equal protection under the law for persons of all religious faiths and persons of no religious faith
  • support the enhancement of the arts and culture in our society
  • work to make college debt free and provide relief to persons with student debt
  • work to enact legislation to decrease gun violence
  • unambiguously support the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons
  • actually know and be respected by the vast majority of global leaders and know all of their names

With only two electable candidates left in the race for president; a rational, pragmatic, utilitarian calculus points to a strong case for Clinton as the candidate with the greater probability of providing a real opportunity for present and future flourishing of our human and ecological communities. Will she have to persuaded, pressured, criticized, and sometimes even resisted when she is president? – Most definitely yes. But she is the only viable candidate left who shows herself to be open to such rational influence. #TheCaseForClinton

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