To My White Evangelical Christian Friends


Photo: Reuters

To My White Evangelical Christian Friends,

Since you are one of the groups most strongly supporting Trump, could you please clarify some things for me?

– Who would Jesus torture?
– Who would Jesus tell to go f*** themselves?
– What women would Jesus call fat pigs?
– What women would Jesus treat like s***?
– Who would Jesus “bomb the s*** out of?
– Which families (including children) of bad people would Jesus go after and kill?
– Where would Jesus build walls to keep people out?
– Which refugees would Jesus reject?
– Which workers would Jesus refuse to pay?
– Which people would Jesus refuse to rent apartments to?
– Which people would Jesus want to punch in the face?
– Which people would Jesus think deserve to get roughed up?
– Which women would Jesus call “Miss Piggy?”
– Which people of other religions would Jesus discriminate against?
– Which 11 million people would Jesus deport?

I know the Bible is important to you, so it would be helpful if you could please ground your answers in scripture.

Peace to you.

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