Criminal President

Our current president recently mused on Twitter that his meeting with Vladimir Putin might be easier than his meeting with NATO leaders. In other words, he is more at ease meeting with an international criminal who has illegally annexed Crimea, murdered political opponents and journalists, and meddled in our elections and in elections across Europe than he is meeting with democratically elected leaders of our long-standing allies who are members of an alliance that has contributed to over 70 years of relative stability in Europe and the North Atlantic.

There is a very simple reason that our current president is more comfortable talking with world leaders who are international criminals like Putin, Kim, and Duterte. He is one of the them. They are his people.

We have to come to terms with the reality that our president is not just immoral, not just a liar, not just mean, not just vulgar, not just a racist, and not just a narcissist. Our president is a criminal, and the evidence may yet show that he is a treasonous criminal.

Our president is alienating our allies through tariffs, tweets, and trade wars while propping up international criminals through his praise and policies. Our president saves his most critical words and actions for the leaders of Canada and Germany while giving compliments and cover to dictators and despots. Perhaps he knows they won’t point out his human rights violations if he doesn’t point out theirs. Over and over again, he shows himself to be more at ease among criminals than he is among our allies.

We don’t even need to wait for the Mueller report to be completed to know that our current president is a criminal. We have over 2000 children forcibly separated from their parents at our borders as evidence of this president’s criminality.

Federal law categorizes kidnapping as a serious felony offense with a prison sentence of 20 or more years. In a just society; Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, John Kelly, Kirstjen Nielsen, Stephen Miller, and the Director of ICE would be serving 20 or more years in prison for kidnapping. The only reason they are not being prosecuted is that they currently control the definition and enforcement of law, but an unjust law is no law at all, and unjust enforcement of unjust laws is in and of itself criminal.

Why is Congress failing in its constitutional duty to impeach and convict the President of the United States for over 2000 counts of felony kidnapping? What is being done to children at our border is precisely that – state sponsored and state implemented kidnapping, and it is being used to intimidate immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, with the effect of long-lasting trauma in families and children.

When the United Nations Human Rights Commission rightly called out the United States for these crimes against humanity, the United States quickly removed itself from participation in the UN Human Rights Commission citing its bias against Israel, but the timing points clearly to the Commission’s criticism of our human rights violations as the main factor in our exit. As we withdrew from the Commission, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley cited the hypocrisy of the member states of the Human Rights Commission in what may have been the most hypocritical speech ever given by a U.S. Ambassador.

Kidnapping of children, coddling of criminal leaders, hostile actions towards friends and allies, and the propping up of our foes. This is not just a coincidence or passing phase, this is the reality of life under a criminal president, and it is time the people make a citizens’ arrest if Congress is unwilling to do its duty.

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  1. Under your ananolgy one would have to conclude President Obama was a criminal as well. They did the same thing. Just saying

  2. Except Trump and Obama actually didn’t do the same thing. Obama’s detention policy was related to unaccompanied minors and when parents had committed crimes other than simply entering the United States without documentation. When one actually compares Obama’s Policy to the Zero Tolerance Policy implemented by the Trump Administration, they are clearly not the same thing. Facts matter. Just saying.

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