I Am Watching This Movie…

scales of justice

I am watching this movie about a mob boss who is on trial for really serious crimes, but somehow he figures out a way to get a bunch of his accomplices in the crimes on the jury for the trial – can you believe that?! And get this, the foreman of the jury has a wife who actually works in a really high level and high paying job for the mob boss! She literally owes her job to the mob boss, and the court still allowed this guy to be on the jury! I know right!

The evidence against the mob boss is overwhelming. There are even tapes of him saying and doing things that he and his defense lawyers claim he never said and did. In one of the tapes he is caught telling some of his associates (criminally indicted associates whom the mob boss denies even knowing – never even talked to them he says) to get rid of a woman who is getting in the way of his criminal schemes. He tells them to “take her out.” Later he tells another person that “she’s going to go through some things.” This movie reminds me so much of The Godfather, really.

Through his corrupt power over key persons in the justice system who are compromised and complicit in the crimes of the mob boss, he ends up having control over people who are related to the trial who could force him to turn over incriminating documents, but they won’t turn on the mob boss. They are probably afraid that if he goes down, so will they.

All the mob boss’ lawyers can do in his defense is attack and try to intimidate the prosecutors, but it doesn’t really matter because in the end the mob boss’ lawyers know that they have enough of the mob boss’ accomplices on the jury.

There A LOT of witnesses to the crimes, and the mob boss would do almost anything to keep these witnesses off the stand. The mob boss has told the witnesses that they should not testify, and the witnesses who had the courage to testify in the pre-trial hearings were intimidated by the mob boss, believe it or not, WHILE they were on the stand! To make matters even worse, the jury in the trial has said they won’t even listen to any witnesses or listen to any of the tapes, and the judge seems okay with it!

I am having trouble watching the movie to the end because it seems so crazy and unrealistic, but I have watched so much already, I guess I will have to see how it ends. I just hope no one ends up sleeping with the fishes.

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