Religious freedom ≠

Religious freedom ≠

  • the freedom to harm others
  • the freedom to discriminate against others in the public sphere
  • the freedom to dictate the parameters of the healthcare of others
  • the freedom to establish prayers of your religion or to restrict the teaching of science in public schools
  • the freedom to force others to follow the rules of your religion
  • the freedom to tell other adults whom they can marry
  • the freedom to restrict the travel of others because they are adherents of a different religion
  • the freedom to hold super-spreader events or to not wear a mask in public during a deadly global pandemic
  • the freedom to overturn the outcome of free and fair elections because the winner does not hold your religious worldview.

If you think that any of these are examples of religious freedom, you are mistaking religious freedom for the establishment of religion, which is a form religious coercion of others, unconstitutional, and leads to the kind of religious tyranny so many immigrants came to America to escape.


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